One Swainky Couple: Our Quirks

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Our Quirks

4 Quirks for Each of Us: 

We all have quirks. Brandon and I are the first to admit that we're sometimes weird...doesn't everybody think that at one point or another? Now that I'm older, I embrace weirdness, instead of running from it. We even joke about how we're going to have to tone it down once kids come along. We thought it'd be funny to share our little oddities today, knowing that it's the small things that truly make a person who they are. Brandon is writing on my quirks and I'm writing about his so that you can hear our perspectives on the other person's strange habits. Of course, we'd love to know what weird habit you have as well so leave a comment at the end! 

B: Katherine won't drink the last 10% of a drink.

The least dramatic of Katherine's quirks involves not drinking the last 10% of any liquid beverage. Whether water or sprite margarita, Katherine cannot bear to take a sip of the remaining fluid. The fear of any backwash swimming in the remaining 10% sends shivers down her spine. If the drink is refilled, its game back on for Katherine, but if the fluid level sits at a steady 10%, no activity takes place. I am plenty happy with this quirk. I gladly partake in drinking the remaining 10% of both my drink and hers.

B: She invents songs.

Although this is kind of funny, Katherine is pretty good at inventing songs on the spot, and when she was younger, wanted to be the person to make jingles for TV commercials. Oddly enough, this is something I am comfortable with. I make up strange songs too and as we grew more at ease around each other during our dating time, we began to invent songs together. None of our songs make any sense and tend to focus on the subject of cats (think of "Smelly Cats" from Friends) or something equally as random. 

B: She can't share dairy products.

Katherine is quite a stickler when it comes to dairy products. Whether she is eating cereal, ice cream, or yogurt, the only one bite she allows for me has to come from an unused fresh spoon. I believe it most closely resembles the concept of double dipping to Katherine, horrifying her with the idea that dairy products carry more bacteria and germs than regular food. I learned rather quickly to let Katherine do her own thing, and to back off when dairy is present. 

B: Her alarm must be set at a strange time.

For some reason unbeknownst to myself, Katherine has always set her phone alarm at odd timeframes. Most individuals, myself included, round their alarms to the nearest 5 or 10 minute increments. Not Katherine. Soon after meeting, I noticed her setting an alarm in advance for the next day. The time was set for 6:22 AM. I asked why 6:22 not 6:20? The response provided was "I am a morning person, and very efficient with my time". Having lived with Katherine for 8 months now, I can honestly say that Katherine is not quite the morning person she made herself out to be, but she was right, she is quite efficient with time.

K: Brandon always wears socks.

I'm not sure where this little habit originated from, but Brandon is insistent about wearing socks with most shoes and especially in the house. He sleeps in socks, over packs socks on a vacation, and even has a pair sitting in his backpack, just in case. I find this quite funny, seeing as how I'm always the person who forgets socks on a trip. It's come in handy more than once! His sock collection is large, but I give him a hard time because Brandon has difficulty getting rid of socks, even if they have holes in them. I guess his mentality is "what if I need them?" but I can assure you, he has more than enough for the both of us. 

K: He talks in a high pitched voice.

This one may make him a little embarrassed for us to share but it's the funniest quirk that he has. What once started as a sort of "baby voice" for our pup Tara has quickly evolved into a normal voice tone for Brandon. I think that the habit formed from greeting Tara in a high pitch when he came home from work; but now, he always uses the same voice and sometimes does it when Tara isn't even around! We laugh about it because the voice is such a regular occurrence now and feels so normal. 

K: He researches everything.

Brandon is a compulsive researcher. Want to know how something is made? He'll spend a solid thirty minutes on his phone looking it up for you. About to make a big decision like buying a new car? Brandon is on the computer, researching all options for hours before he even narrows down the choices. He always will make sure to understand all of the possibilities before he decides upon something. It could be as simple as weekend plans or as complicated as a vacation. I know I can count on him to consider all options and research a great plan. 

K: He taps his cup before a sip 

This one stems from OCD but Brandon likes to tap any sort of cup or glass on the countertop before he takes a sip. He will pick up the glass, give a little tap, and then take a drink. I find it quirky and cute but it comes so naturally to him that he doesn't even think about it anymore. 

What are your quirky habits??

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On Brandon: Zara shirt (sold out, ladybug print here), J. Crew shorts (similar here), Aldo shoes (on sale!), Shingle belt


  1. Such a cute post! It's sweet when couples have been together so long they find each other's quirks so endearing!! Happy Wednesday!

    Rosy Outlook

  2. I loved reading this post! My husband and I are so similar and know that we are quite "weird" too. We say the same thing about having to tone it back once we have kids (or company lol).

    Taylor |

  3. These are too cute - my husband sleeps with socks too which I found to be so strange in the beginning! I'm the same when it comes to alarms!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. This is such a fun post!! I also make up songs and also make up words and nicknames all of the time. I do it with my kids and my husband hates it, he thinks I'm going to get them speech issues. Ha!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  5. I'm definitely weird too, and yes to setting the alarm for a strange time! Such a fun post <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I love hearing your quirks! Jake and I are both so weird, so I am glad it's not just us. That top is adorable, I have the pink BP version, but like yours better.

  7. I loved this! So fun to read and learn about your quirks! I make up songs all the time, too and I also hate the last little bits of a drink. It weirds me out!

  8. Okay I do the same thing with drinks Katherine! These quirks are cracking me up. I've never known someone to set their alarm so specifically.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. I've learned to embrace my quirks as well. I also like coming up with songs.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  10. Loved to get to know you a little more!


    Tamara -

  11. I love this! I wish my quirk was that I research everything. Haha I know I have some (I'm sure my husband could point them out) but I'll have to think about it. I know that whenever I start to feel a little sick, I have to find some oversized fluffy socks to stuff my feet into!

  12. This is such a cute post, and I love how you embrace each other's quirks! So fun to read!

  13. Your top and your shorts are so stunning girl, I love the details on both!

    My Vogue Style |

  14. This was so fun to read! The next time I eat ice cream I am definitely going to think about this, haha! I have to sleep with socks too! I don't know why, but my friend's totally make fun of me for it!

  15. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  16. We are all a little weird, aren't we?! I love this kind of post.
    The setting the alarm to a funny time had me laughing! Who does that?!