One Swainky Couple: Summer Work Wear

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Work Wear

K: Since I'm a teacher, I don't officially work in the summer; however, we've always got professional development seminars or conferences to attend throughout the season. Additionally, when we start back the school year, it's still scorching hot and I usually get a few more weeks out of my summer wardrobe. To stay chic, cool, and professional, I tend to opt for a great pair of pants. I absolutely love wide leg trousers and this white pair hits right above the ankle, giving a very flattering shape that doesn't overwhelm a smaller body. Since I'm 5'5, I have to be more careful about wearing wide leg pants as they have a tendency to drown me or seem disproportionate. The trick to making this style work is to find them in a capri cut, like all of these below. And don't forget about Ann Taylor's 50% off sale! My top is included in the sale, as are tons of other work wear dresses and blouses. 

B: Although my job remains indoors year-round, the outdoor summer is quite hot, the winter is cold, and both fall and spring remain rather pleasant. I am a pretty warm blooded guy. My body puts off a lot of heat. My feet seem to get warm for any reason they can find: temperature, humidity, or the ever dreaded socks. If my feet become warm, the over-active sweat glands in my hands kick into overdrive. The result is moist hands that can actually perspire to drip like a leaky water faucet that is not easily calmed or stopped. Lightweight shoes are a must for me in the summer months. Suede or natural leather loafers with canvas backing wick away heat and any sweat. Linen pants and lightweight cotton shirts are a great addition to any summer outfit. The key being the lighter the clothing the better which helps to prevent those unwanted summer underarm sweat marks.

B: When Katherine first unveiled this unique purse, we lovingly named it: Birdcage. Katherine is absolutely obsessed with Birdcage. She even mentioned that she wanted to catch a baby squirrel and carry it around for the day as a pet within the wooden slatted structure of Birdcage. When we are out and about together, a majority of the items from my pockets are transferred to one of Katherine's purses, including: my car keys, a pack of gum, my wallet, and my two cell phones. With the advent of Birdcage, I quickly became nervous about the implication of one of these items falling between the wooden slats of Birdcage, for instance, car keys... Much to my surprise, Birdcage has not allowed any accoutrement of mine or Katherine's to slip through its closely slatted lightweight patterned wooden shell. I do stand corrected for doubting Birdcage. I still lovingly joke with Katherine about hoping that my accoutrements do not fall from the bag, but I have learned through marriage to always support the ideas, hopes, dreams, and decisions of your spouse because they provide an insight to help you learn and grow from every single day of your lives together.

K: There are a few key features that I look for when it comes to dressing professional. First, I need to feel comfortable yet confident. I usually wear heels at work; or sometimes I'll bring a pair of flats to change into like these adorable black scalloped flats or this cognac color here. Second, most days I opt for a more basic hairstyle. I usually wear my hair curled on the blog (so that usually means that on the weekend, my hair is curled); however, on many school days I do a bun or a ponytail to ensure that I'm not messing with it all day and hair stays out of my face. Finally, I always make sure that my outfit has some sort of tailored quality to it. Whether it's a crisp collared shirt, pointy toe heels, or a great pair of trousers, I love feeling put together for the work day. 

 On Katherine: Ann Taylor top, White trousers, Similar heels, TJ Maxx bag (identical here), Kendra Scott earrings, Olivia Burton watch, Target sunglasses

On Brandon: Nordstrom shirtBlue linen pants, Aldo shoes (on sale), Shinola belt


  1. Such a perfect outfit for work! I always struggle to dress for work in the summer when it is nearing 100 degrees but that looks like such a breezy lightweight outfit!

    Taylor |

  2. Cute work wear look! I need to get some cute work pants like this.

  3. Love this!! I feel the same way. It's tough in the summer! I want to wear something nice enough for work but appropriate for the hot summer days. Also, that picture of Brandon with the purse is hilarious ;) Always looking great guys!!

  4. Okay your outfit is so chic! I can totally see myself wearing that!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. Your hubby is looking dapper, as always! But let me talk about that top of yours... love the style and the tie front detail! That color is superb too!

    Jessica |

  6. Such a lovely outfits!! Look good on you!
    Mónica Sors