One Swainky Couple: La Face: The Newest Skincare Products We Love

Monday, July 24, 2017

La Face: The Newest Skincare Products We Love

K: Skincare has always been important to me and I'm very habitual about my morning and nightly routine when it comes to washing my face and using products. For some reason, society seems to think that it's okay for women to invest in finer skincare products and anti-aging serums; however, when it comes to men, I have to say that I don't know many who truly spend time and money on a great skincare routine. Anyone else with me on this? Maybe you feel like you can justify a great cleanser but your husband is stuck using Clean and Clear? 

I thought about this continually until I finally realized that it's a problem. I don't want my husband to look like an old wrinkly mess in time, simply because he didn't want to use the appropriate skincare products. I consider this to be one of those times where we, as women, can step in and give a helpful little nudge to our husbands who are either clueless or resistant about their daily skincare routine. 

When I discovered La Face, I immediately thought that it would be the perfect brand to feature for this sort of post. It's a fantastic skincare company with high quality ingredients for both guys and girls. The best part? Brandon and I are currently sharing two products and they work perfectly on us both. So, we're getting a little more bang for our buck and it's helping him to establish a skincare routine in the process. The CEO of La Face, Lisa, was kind enough to give Brandon and I the purifying cleanser and the C-cell anti-aging serum. We've reviewed both of the products below, from the male and female perspective. 

Purifying Cleanser (Katherine): 

My first thought when I poured a quarter-sized amount of the cleanser on my hand was that this stuff smells amazing. I'm not joking when I say that I'm genuinely excited about washing my face in the morning because of the way this cleanser smells. It's light, fresh, and feels like it's removing all impurities in a second. I have pretty dry skin and this cleanser didn't dry it out at all (unlike some others that I've tried over the years). Another bonus? My skin felt smoother, even after the first use. Overall, it's a must for me. 

In our package, we were sent a small brochure of information that explained the ingredients. With all sorts of talk about "safer skincare" now and knowing your ingredients, it was wonderful to read the ingredient list and know exactly what its purpose is. The cleanser has green tea extract, which I found out is a natural antioxidant and anti-aging product. Many of the ingredients are meant to sooth skin, while also purifying it. 

C-Cell Serum (Katherine):

I am a huge fan of serums. While poor Brandon didn't even know what a serum was, I was quick to test it out and see if it was better than the serums I've used in the past (spoiler alert: it is). The bottle itself gives a generous amount of the serum. I always hate buying one if it's just a teeny tiny bottle, even if a little goes a long way. For this one, you squeeze two to three drops out of the dropper, directly onto your skin. Even though it's a tiny amount, I love the way it quickly absorbs and instantly hydrates. Again, my skin is dry so I felt like it was just taking in all of the nutrients in a moment. Most of the time, I have to lather my face with lotion but after using the C-cell, I didn't put lotion on at all. 

The product helps to erase sun damage, boost collagen production, moisturize, and overall give a flawless look to skin. The CEO described it as a "mini facelift", which I know we can all get behind. After using the product for two and a half weeks, I'm already noticing smoother skin, an even complexion, and a brighter look to my skin. I would never push something on the blog if I didn't think that it was worth it. Although the price tag is a little higher than what I'm used to paying, this product is fully worth it. 

Purifying Cleanser (Brandon):

This was quite an education for me and I kept having to ask Katherine if I was using the product correctly. I'm very minimal with any sort of "beauty" routine; however, I know that most men should be doing some sort of cleanser, even just to help with acne and removing impurities from the face. I liked the smell of this particular cleanser and was surprised that it didn't smell girly at all. It went on easily and I think that I could use it once a day, as suggested. The only problem I anticipate? Having to steal it away from Katherine. 

C-Cell Serum (Brandon):

I was very apprehensive to use the serum. It looked oily to me and I wasn't so sure if I wanted that going on my face. After Katherine directed me to simply use a drop or two, I realized that it's not supposed to feel like much at all. I wasn't shiny after using it, yet my skin felt hydrated and clean. It doesn't have a scent at all, and I like that about this product. I'll continue to use it and share with Katherine over the next few weeks. I think that the biggest benefit of this brand is that Katherine and I both really love it and can share the products, rather than having to buy all different brands for each of us.

Right now, La Face is offering a special promotional code for the purifying cleanser and the c-cell serum. Just enter "SWAINKYFAMILY" at checkout and receive 25% off either of those two products for the next seven days. Ladies, this is your chance to help your man out (or take care of yourself and stock up!). Whatever you choose, this brand is phenomenal in its ingredients and its results.

*Thank you to La Face for providing the products. All opinions are our own.*



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    1. Thank you Layla! They really are fabulous products! Same to you & happy Monday :)

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    1. I cannot recommend it enough! They have two sizes (a small and large). The small would last forever!!

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    1. We really love the products! Let me know if you have any questions!

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