One Swainky Couple: A Date at the Zoo

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Date at the Zoo

B: Growing up in San Antonio, I have been coming to its zoo since before I can remember. The sights and smells draw recollections of memories long past, but the main reason I love the zoo is because of its residents. I was glued to Animal Planet and Discovery Channel when I was younger, and at times in my life, I have felt that I know more about the animal kingdom than humankind. A significant contribution to my understanding of the would and its creatures (other than having a double major in Environmental Science) came from my hero, Steve Erwin - the Crocodile Hunter. His passions of both conservation and preservation run through my mind daily, and I am thankful Katherine is so very patient to listen to my random critter facts and stories.

K: I haven't been to the zoo in years and was pleasantly surprised at how much the San Antonio Zoo has grown since my last visit. We went with a mission to feed the giraffes. Although we didn't spend the day there, we arrived in the morning when it was still cool and left right when it started to get too hot. During our time, I couldn't help but feel inspired by all of the animals and their unique patterns and coats. Below, I've put together a little animal wardrobe inspiration that seems to be trending right now. 

B: While hunting with my father in Africa last summer, we saw exactly one wild giraffe. It was a brief, yet breathtaking sight to have the deep rich mountanious greens of the Eastern Cape vegetation open into a small glade with the largest male giraffe I have ever seen standing inside. Moving forward almost exactly one year, it was a wonderful experience to stand face to face with such a remarkable creature. Although this giraffe enclosure does not match to the native rock variety, soil composition, and vegetation of Africa, these giraffes are very well provided for, stimulated, enriched, and loved. In the pictures below, you will be able to gain a sense of feeling for the excitement Katherine and I shared in just a brief encounter with our new giraffe friend.

K: I love these photos (above) because you can see Brandon, completely calm and collected. Then there's me: the progression of pictures shows the natural progression of my emotions. First, I was shocked at the tongue on that giraffe! Then, I quickly realized that I was withholding his snack and when I handed it over, I grew amazed at the beauty in this creature. It was so neat to be that close to a giraffe and see the unique pattern and make up of the animal. 

On Katherine: TJ Maxx shirt (old), Loft bandana (sold out, love this red one here), STS shorts, Steve Madden shoes, Louis Vuitton purse, Ray Ban sunglasses

On Brandon: TJ Maxx shirt (similar here), J. Crew shorts (similar linen version here), Persol sunglasses


  1. This is something that my boyfriend and I want to do this summer

  2. Looks like such a fun day together!! Love dates like this :)\

    Taylor |

  3. This sounded like such a fun date! We did a zoo date last summer and had a blast, I definitely think it's time for another one :)

  4. So amazing! It's always fun getting so closed to animals like that!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away