One Swainky Couple: Walking the Streets of Charleston

Friday, May 5, 2017

Walking the Streets of Charleston

K: Our trip to Charleston was nothing short of magical. I grew up in Georgia and consider myself to be well-versed in Southern customs so this trip felt a little like home to me in a lot of ways. Stepping into Charleston was like stepping back into time. Rich with history from the Civil War, it seemed as though each new street held secrets of the past and a dreamy ambiance that Brandon and I fell in love with. My favorite part of our evenings was getting lost in the winding streets, admiring the colorful colonial homes, and snapping photos on beautiful front porches.

B: I enjoy viewing the history of a cityscape through its architecture. More specifically, I long to see the variety of building materials utilized in crafting the magnificent homes that people many generations forgotten have lived. This city of history has survived its share of wars, fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes; each unfortunate event has taken its toll upon the homes within the region. Charleston homes were first marked by cut stone and plaster, followed by heavy wooden siding, gargantuan pillars, and multitiered porches. Katherine and I found ourselves checking every home listed as "For Sale" to see the floor layout specifications, noting that homes in this portion of the country range well above the $650 to $950 per square foot price point. However, the saying that you cannot put a price upon history is never truer in this sense.

B: Of any article of clothing, white linen shirts keep my mind perplexed in a sense of perpetual bewilderment. How can their versatility be endless? From island hopping in the Bahamas to window shopping in Charleston, I have always felt comfortable wearing linen, especially in the warm seasons.  Slight summer breezes pass right through keeping you cool. For those that hesitate from linen, keep in mind that there are more color options than just a basic white, like this neutral linen tee and this blue Ted Baker button down. Try on a variety of color rich linens to match your skin tone. Lastly, keep in mind that the fabric notoriously wrinkles, but these are to be worn proudly with every linen clad ensemble. When shopping, thicker linen fabrics will wrinkle less (like my blue pants here), while some can be gossamer thin. Ultimately, linen gives a casual vibe that is perfect for any summer stroll. 

K: I ordered this orange dress from Nordstrom a few weeks back, thinking that the bright summer color would be perfect against the "Rainbow Row" of famous homes in Charleston. In addition to the orange, they also have it in a pretty green, gorgeous blue, and several other bright colors. The dress looked a little big when I first put it on; however, I found that when cinched with a nude belt, it was much more figure flattering. I brought my colorful Toms for walking and was extremely grateful for their comfort on this particular evening, especially with some streets being paved in cobblestone. While my Toms are no longer available, I've linked some cute, colorful options below:

 On Katherine: Nordstrom dress, vintage belt, sold out Toms, similar linked above

On Brandon: White linen shirt, similar blue linen pants (on sale!), Tons shoes, Shinola belt



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    1. Thanks Regine! We appreciate you stopping by :)

  2. I love Charleston! It's dripping in history and charm! It's one of the best cities to "get lost" wandering the streets! Love how chic you both look!
    xo Bryn

    1. Bryn, I couldn't agree more! What's your favorite area?? We're dying to get back already!

  3. Love your outfits and photos! Charleston is just so beautiful, it must have been hard to find an un-photogenic spot! :D xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

    1. Thank you Rox-Anne! I just visited your blog and I am loving it! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Such a beautiful outfit!