One Swainky Couple: How to Save for a Special Date Night + What to Wear

Friday, May 26, 2017

How to Save for a Special Date Night + What to Wear

K: Brandon and I love to make a date night feel special. We've mentioned before how we rarely go to the movies or just out to dinner; instead, we prefer dates that hold more meaning. Unfortunately, the dates that hold more meaning can also mean that they're more expensive. For a newlywed couple, or any young couple starting off, it's hard to justify shelling out a lot of cash for your weekly date night. We've put together a few helpful tips for you to ensure that you can save up for a special date night.

1. Week Out, Week In

It wasn't until I started writing this post that I realized Brandon and I have a sort of schedule with our dates. One week, we'll go out for our date night, like we did in these pictures. Whether it's a concert or a nice dinner, it's important to actually go somewhere as a couple. After having a week out, we'll try to make the next week more budget friendly. While there will still be a date, it may be something like an at home movie night (here) or a picnic in the park (here). By alternating weeks, it ensures that you're saving on the "off" weeks and you can feel better about going out when your next week rolls around.

2. No movies for three months

The average movie ticket today costs $8.12. Times that by two and add in the extra costs of popcorn, your favorite candy, and soda. You're looking at a date that costs approximately $30 or more. Imagine if you saved that and didn't go to the movies for two or three months. How much would you save? It could be anywhere between $60 and $120, depending on how frequently you go. Put that money to good use for another date, something that's more unique and special for you as a couple. Brandon absolutely loves Gipsy Kings and I saw that they were coming to San Antonio for one night, right before his birthday. I knew that I should get him tickets as a surprise and I felt fine justifying it. It was special, memorable, and we both like to spend money on that kind of date, versus a simple movie date every month.

3. Plan Ahead

Going on "special" dates requires a bit of planning. I got our concert tickets a month and a half in advance, just to ensure that we'd get good seats. Figure out what's going on in your city that sounds interesting to you. Mark it on your calendar (even if it's a few months in advance). When you see it on your calendar, you'll be more apt to plan your weekend around it and make sure that you can go. It could be something as small as a new restaurant opening or something as big as a concert. What's your idea of a special date?

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On Brandon: Similar shirt, Similar chinos, Tods shoes, Shinola belt, Persol sunglasses

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  1. Love these tips! Still love that you went to the Gypsy Kings concert :) Looks like you had such a fun time!!

    Taylor |

  2. Lovely photos as always, you're both very well dressed!

  3. I like the whole styling and photos! Cheers to the photographer who did a great job capturing your style!

    1. Thank you Antel! We usually take all of the photos ourselves! We did have a friend step in on the photos of the two of us though :)

  4. I never liked going to movies on date night because it limits your interaction with your loved one. I like to connect more so I get where you are coming from about making date night special. I never considered a bi-weekly schedule but after you mentioned it I might try it. It takes the pressure off to come up with something new each week, helps you budget better, and I'm sure the dates are more memorable.

    1. I totally agree! The best dates are the ones where you get to talk, connect, and have a mini adventure together! We really enjoy the bi-weekly schedule :) Plus, every now and then, you just need a little Netflix marathon!

  5. What a beautiful dress. You're a gorgeous couple!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  6. What a great post! Beautiful dress and couple!

    I will definitely be using your tips on saving for a date. We have been coming up with creative ways to save up money, so that will be helpful :)

  7. Russ and I love date nights out too! I agree about saving some and making fun date nights in so you can enjoy a more find night out. Love your dress!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Thanks Amy Ann! Hope you guys have fun on your next night out!

  8. These dates night tips are great! Love your dress, the color is beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  9. Katherine, your outfit is adorable in this post! I also love the pictures of you and Brandon together. That's such a good idea about saving and going to a fun concert instead. Movie tickets can add up! I will definitely be relaying this to my boyfriend! We are always looking for new ideas!