One Swainky Couple: Wildflower Season in Texas

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wildflower Season in Texas

B: Just East of Fredericksburg, Texas lies the conservatory of Wild Seed Farms. This farm the combination of a flower nursery, winery, and ecological safe haven to beautifully blooming wildflowers and plant varieties native to the state of Texas. Katherine and I made this stop a necessity in our exploratory tour of Fredericksburg not only for the raw beauty of the flower blooms, but also to witness the rich agricultural background of this up-and-coming tourist town. Anyone visiting South-Central Texas needs to spin through Fredericksburg for the sights, sounds, and amazing tastes of traditional German cuisine.

K: Like Brandon said, this is a must for anyone traveling in the Fredericksburg area. The landscape was gorgeous and I'm convinced that anytime in the Spring or Summer would be an excellent time for a trip. When we went, red poppies were in bloom, as well as the classic bluebonnet (pictured further down). Next on my bucket list would be to see the tulip fields in Amsterdam while they are in bloom. 

B: As I mentioned in our West Texas hiking post (Click Here), I absolutely adore bluebonnets and their lupine cousins. Katherine did not believe me that bluebonnets naturally prosper in colors other than dark blue; but rather include hues of magenta, violet, and pure white. Upon reaching the expansive blooming acreage of Wild Seed Farms, Katherine understood the magic of this natural phenomenon.

K: I don't think I even owned a pair of overalls when I was a child. I'm pretty feminine when it comes to style and was honestly quite nervous to try the overall trend. However, I think it's so important to step out of your comfort zone with fashion every once in a while. Anyone else agree with me on this? I was pleasantly surprised to find that these Madewell overalls were not only extremely comfortable, but helped make me feel unique and different the entire time that I wore them. They're high waisted and pretty flattering as far as overalls go. I was actually kind of sad to take them off at the end of the day. I think the key to making it feminine is adding something like this ruffle blouse underneath, now on sale! You could even pair it with these adorable flamingo shoes for an unexpected twist. 

B: Flowers hold a special place in my heart. Their sight alone stimulates my mind to wonder upon the lineage, adaptations, and etymology of each distinct blooming botanical. This button-down shirt is one of my all time favorites, not solely because it contains various forms of colorful blooming flowers, but the way in which I procured such a magnificent shirt. Several years back, I attended a buy one-get one suit sale at Saks Fifth Avenue. I found two suits I could not live without. The sales attendant notified me of a further promotion allowing me to select one complementary item from the clearance aisle. Of course I agreed, finding this golden nugget sandwiched on a back row hanger between XXL and above shirt selections. I was hooked. This goes to prove, the rarest and most treasured shirts and flowers to you can be overlooked and despised by others.

K: Our time at the Wild Seed Farms was nothing short of magical. In fact, we're saving part of the day's story for Friday's post. We can't wait to share it with you and hope to see you back here on Friday! Meanwhile, take a moment to shop the look below and maybe even try the overall trend or the floral trend for yourself.

On Katherine: Madewell overalls, J. Crew top, similar flats here

On Brandon: Saks Off Fifth shirt, similar here and below, Banana Republic pants, Aldo shoes, Shinola belt




  1. I didn't know bluebonnets were pink or white either! So beautiful!

    1. Yes! I honestly like the pink ones better I think!