One Swainky Couple: Graffiti in Austin, Texas

Monday, April 10, 2017

Graffiti in Austin, Texas

K: We are so excited to finally share these photos! Embarrassingly enough, Brandon and I had the idea for this post back in January and we just had the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. This look is very "edgy" for the two of us and is completely atypical from our usual style; however, Brandon and I are always willing to try something new and I think that his leather jacket and my sheer floral dress are unique items that we both fell in love with.

B: Katherine and I ventured to the infamous downtown graffiti park in Austin, Texas for our edgy photoshoot. This maze of concrete walls marks the beginnings of a long forgotten construction project - now only entombed in layer upon layer of brilliantly colored spray-paint masterpieces. I have long thought of graffiti as quite possibly being the most inspirational art of all time. Reason being, the graffiti artist's who have lived through both feast and famine share their mindset for others to witness, and in my case - learn from. I have had the honor of witnessing graffiti from the streets of government project housing across America to underground nuclear missile silos in rural New Mexico - with the lesson always the same: stay in school, walk straight, and accomplish amazing feats every single day. I truly felt privileged to walk through the concrete canvas skeleton that houses the brilliant patterns, designs, and thoughts of numerous individuals on a sunny hillside within viewing distance of the Texas Capital Building.

 K: If you tuned in last week, we told a story about a new photographer friend (see it here). The same woman took these photos and completely put our vision of an "edgy" shoot to life. The location was perfect and we loved spending time looking at all of the unique designs and graffiti art. Also a work of art was this amazing dress! I love the sheer aspect of it and the almost oriental detail to the floral design. I found some similar items like this full length sheer dress and this gorgeous floral dress.

B: When it comes to casual coats, I typically reach for a weathered windbreaker no matter the degree of temperature. My reason is simple: lightweight, tightfitting, and unrestricting. Despite having several friends that own up to all aspects of a leather jacket lifestyle, I have never contemplated the idea before looking through the winter weather sale at Nordstrom. This fully lined, fitted, 10 pound cowhide sat fiercely upon on my shoulders. I was hooked. I left the store to prevent an impulse buy. Jacket was on my mind... jacket is now on my back and the weight has nullified to mere ounces. This edgy photoshoot soared to temperature in the high eighties and I never once broke a sweat. I was thoroughly impressed by such an elegantly sleek vintage but ever-modern design. I told Katherine that such an article of clothing deserves to be seen with a vintage scrambler motorcycle... Katherine quickly said NO.

K: Since San Antonio is just a quick hour and a half drive away from Austin, I grew up going to the city quite often because The University of Texas is my dad's alma mater and my sister attend school there as well. I've put together an Austin guide with suggestions for restaurants, shopping, coffee, and sweet treats for your next trip. You can download the guide here. I'd love to hear suggestions and thoughts on your favorite Austin places! Leave a comment below :)

On Katherine: Asos dress, Forever 21 shoes, Kendra Scott earrings, Ray Ban sunglasses

On Brandon: Schott leather jacketJoe's jeans, American apparel tee, similar here, Persol sunglasses, Supra shoes