One Swainky Couple: West Texas Weekend: Marfa

Friday, March 10, 2017

West Texas Weekend: Marfa

B: Marfa is the most modernized rural town I have laid eyes upon. Venture capitalists from New York City took this town by storm several years back by pumping in vast quantities of money, infrastructure, and oodles of art. This city contains numerous recent boutique hotel builds, yuppy hangouts, and open contemporary homes that rival a Restoration Hardware ad campaign. The Marfa art community is vast and deep, with modern art displays that are slightly too contemporary for my understanding of what is considered art. The experience nonetheless was truly once in a lifetime.

K: Brandon and I were drawn to Marfa because of the iconic Marfa Prada store (seen here). When we arrived at the town, we drove around, looking for the boutique shop that seemed hard to miss. Thinking that black and white ensembles would be an excellent choice for the black and white sign, we were extremely disappointed and surprised to find out that the Marfa sign is not in Marfa. It is located just forty minutes north in Valentine, Texas. This discovery did not keep us from taking pictures in the modern setting (which coincidentally happened to hold plenty of black and white photo opportunities for us). I felt like this Alice + Olivia formal dress paired perfectly with the modern town. It takes the Little Black Dress to a whole new level with the white slip peeking out from underneath.

B: I would describe past and present Prada ads with the simple three word statement - sharply cut lines. This was exactly the intent we had in mind for our clothing selection in Marfa. This decision was not to imitate the iconic brand's couture style, but rather pay homage to its continually aesthetically pleasing image. White pants match with nearly anything, but nothing quite as nicely as a slim-fit black top. This look easily displays a simple statement within itself of bold intent, made only stronger with the presence of a vintage timepiece.

K: After spending time in town, Brandon and I wish we had made a reservation at one of the stunning hotels or even an Air BnB. We were just passing through and didn't even have time for lunch, but just from our short time, we could tell that Marfa is a town worth staying a while in. We ran into a couple who said they spent the weekend there, claiming that there is plenty to occupy yourself with.

Marfa is truly a one of a kind local in rural West Texas. Let us know your favorite one of a kind iconic look.

On Katherine: Alice + Olivia Dress, Banana Republic necklace (on sale!), Forever 21 heels
On Brandon: Calvin Klein Shirt, similar white pants, Tods Moccasins, Persol Sunglasses.


  1. Cute couple! I like both outfits!

  2. Very pretty dress! Also did y'all see the Marfa Lights? I'd read about them years ago.

    1. We did not see them! But I've heard about them too and they have a big viewing station catered for tourists just outside of town.