One Swainky Couple: West Texas Weekend: The Gage Hotel

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

West Texas Weekend: The Gage Hotel

B: I first visited the Gage Hotel in the Spring of 2015 for a work sponsored course. The March timeframe brought about a chilly spell accompanied with continuous misty rain. Nonetheless, I fell in love with late 1800's inspired rustic appeal and architecture of The Gage Hotel complex that encompasses the entire town of Marathon. The most appealing aspect to this luxurious hotel for me was the way that the rain sounded falling on the tin roof all night.

B: I was looking for buffalo-style plaid shirts last Fall through the company that started it all -- Woolrich. This multicolor wool button-down caught my eye. The order was placed, it arrived at my home, and the beautiful shirt then sat in my closest unworn until we ventured westward early this Spring. This Woolrich lives up to its name: warm, an excellent fit, and it feels rugged, just like the cowboys that founded this town. Wearing this shirt makes me feel as though I am a part of the continued generations of caretakers for an ageless style.

K: This rust colored dress is as unique as The Gage itself. I was unfamiliar with Dress the Population as a brand, but pleasantly surprised by the dexterity of this feminine yet rustic dress. Additionally, I fell in love with this one and this one. Having been to The Gage before, I knew it would blend perfectly with the surroundings. The flair of the fluttery sleeves add an unexpected touch of sass.

K: Brandon and I stayed at The Gage Hotel April of last year. At the time, we'd been dating for about 4 months. In this exact room, Brandon told me that he loved me for the first time. This trip had so much meaning for us because we were reminiscing about our relationship a year ago, caught up in happy memories and excited at how far we've come. I can't believe that he first told me those words in April, and then by December, we were married! Our journey has been unconventional in its timeline but perfect for us.

B: Traveling out West through Marathon, Texas is always a thrill. This extremely small town is full of grandeur, surprise, and love. We would highly recommend The Gage Hotel to anyone if they're looking for a weekend getaway.

On Katherine: Dress the Population dress, old, similar here,

On Brandon: Woolrich shirt, Diesel jeans, Luchesse boots, similar here


  1. I love your dress! I saw on the website it also comes in a very pretty blue color as well!The fluttery sleeves are so perfect for Spring, too.

    1. Yes! The blue color is gorgeous. I feel like this rust color could easily transition into fall as well. What do you think?

  2. Very much so, maybe add boots and/or a scarf. That would be adorable!