One Swainky Couple: Misty Morning Beach Walk

Monday, March 20, 2017

Misty Morning Beach Walk

K: Brandon and I are the epitome of early risers. Our weekend at Port Aransas beach was no exception and we were on the beach before 8 AM. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side during our stay, with perpetual gray skies and misty mornings. Nevertheless, we made the most of our time together and insisted on daily beach walks and trips to town. 

B: Tara absolutely loves the beach. Her addiction to chasing tennis balls coupled with the soft, cool, sandy beachscape, makes this the ultimate playground for our little girl. The first road trip I shared with Tara was a stretch of beach just a few miles from the origin of these pictures. She was a three month old black ball of energy, digging in the sand and running in and out of the shallow water brought in by wave action. Not much has changed about this sweet girl except for her agility - she loves to show off her acrobatic finesse of chasing after and catching tennis balls whenever possible.

B: Texas has some of the longest contiguous shorelines in the United States. Though these are not the fined-grained white sand beaches of Florida, or the coarse-grained black sand beaches of remote Kauai, these beaches are full of childhood memories. Spring Break at this stretch of beach front is quite a sight to behold with vacationeers from the South and Midwest literally covering every square inch of beach-- and a wonderful experience to check off of your bucket list.

K: Our beach time was short lived and limited because of rain, but we are headed back right after my birthday! I'm already counting down the days and praying for a little sunshine this next trip! Be sure and stop by our blog later this week (Wednesday and Friday). We've got some great content for you as we gear up for Spring!


  1. Its always a bummer to be at the beach when the weather is crummy. We were at Bolivar/ Crystal Beach last weekend and it was soooo windy and cold. Looks like Tara the Dog had fun tho!

    1. I'm sorry you had our luck but hope that you still had fun! Yes, Tara doesn't care if it's freezing cold or burning hot; she will get in the water every time and loves every minute of it :)