One Swainky Couple: Beach Bag Essentials for Two

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beach Bag Essentials for Two

K: Although our time at the beach was short lived (and entailed a day of gloomy weather), Brandon and I were still excited to pack up a few beach essentials to make the trip enjoyable for the two of us. We've complied this post with our beach bag essentials for two, like this giant beach towel that actually fits both of you. Or this fantastic donut frisbee so that you can get active on the beach. Oftentimes, as females, we focus on our own needs within a bag, leaving our husband/boyfriend to fend for themselves. Ladies, the next time you're packing up, don't forget to add in some of his necessities (i.e. Brandon is known for getting "hangry" and requires snacks regularly). What does your significant other require for the beach?

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  1. Omg I love the round towel! The pink and blue one is pretty too and I love the little pompoms. I,too, always make sure to pack snacks for the beach, something about swimming and laying out make me hungry!

    1. I know!! That was my favorite item from this post for sure!