One Swainky Couple: An Afternoon in Port Aransas

Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Afternoon in Port Aransas

B: Iconic to beach towns everywhere are touristy souvenir shops selling everything beach related that you could possibly imagine. If you have been to Port Aransas, Texas, you will know that there are three large sharks in front of souvenir shops used to draw you in. I think the motto is "the bigger the shark, the more customers". It worked on us... We were drawn to the largest shark for a quick and silly photo opportunity.

K: Brandon really wanted a picture next to the giant seahorses. He kept referring to them as popsicles fit for a giant because the brightly colored aquatic horses are sitting upon telephone poles. I'm thankful for a husband who doesn't shy away from a great photo opportunity and one who dedicates time to this blog!

B: Katherine and I absolutely loved the beachside hues of pink and yellow this town had to offer. For this warm day, we both opted for shorts, long sleeved shirts, and comfy shoes. This J. Crew oxford-style button down shirt contains navy blue anchors that pair perfectly with the lighter powder blue shorts and pale grey loafers. Katherine opted for orange and white striped shorts mixed with a turquoise gingham button down, tangerine earrings, and neutral simple-but-defined sandals. Both outfits are an ideal choice for the colorful shops and houses that encompass this charismatic beach town. 

K: We had so much fun exploring Port Aransas. One of our favorite stops was Winston's Island Candy, a cute, old-fashioned candy store with everything imaginable for a sweet-tooth. We loaded up on chocolate covered almonds and raisins and used it as our road-trip snack on the way home. Leave a comment below if you've been to Port A and have any recommendations on what to do or where to go! We're headed back very soon!

On Brandon: J. Crew shirt, Vineyard Vines shorts (5" inseam), Zara shoes (old)


  1. Nice post, u both very good :). Waiting my blogsite

  2. How fun, I love all the bright colors, especially that lime green seahorse!! Stop by my blog, when you have time,

    1. Hey Rebecca! Thank you very much! I saw on your blog that you're from Florida! I used to live in Ocala many years ago and Brandon and I both love all of the gorgeous Florida beaches :) We'd love to have you follow our blog journey through the sign up form on the left sidebar!

    2. Will do! Great job on your blog!! I’m not too far from Ocala,