One Swainky Couple: A Trip to the Docks

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Trip to the Docks

B: Marina docks are a magical place. If these boats could speak, they would contain stories of far-fetched fish tales left for the interpreter to discern fact from fiction. Every great sea-worthy movie contains a white and navy blue stripped long sleeve tee. Merely seeing someone wear such a shirt takes the mind to a nautical setting, such as the shirt Humphrey Bogart wears while he steals Audrey Hepburn's heart in The African Queen.

B: While perusing the docks, we discovered a huge of flock seagulls perched along a vacant spot. Naturally, I ran through the mass of birds. Tara was apprehensive to follow me in my pursuits. She wanted nothing to do with the loud, upset birds who continued for several minutes to swarm and cry-out in vain for the terrible inconvenience in their day.

On Brandon: J. Crew shirt, Banana Republic pants, Sperry shoes, Persol sunglasses, Shingle belt

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  1. Wow Brandon your post is very nice and the pictures look ao fresh portraying the calm sea, the seagulls and ships and dock. Thanks for giving links of your outfit to.