One Swainky Couple: An Engagement Fiesta

Monday, February 27, 2017

An Engagement Fiesta

 K: Living in San Antonio means that we're heavily influenced by Mexican culture. It was all too easy for my mom to host an Engagement Fiesta for my younger sister Elizabeth and her fiance Kevin, complete with mini pinatas and plenty of gorgeous floral arrangements to brighten the evening.

B: My go-to outfit in literally every environment, situation, and formality is a button-down shirt, slim colored-khakis, and my brown pebble-washed Tods moccasins. It's a fool-proof look that will never go out of style in my mind.

B: We spent the entire evening outside, enjoying fresh Mexican food and homemade desserts. It is quite hard to go hungry at my in-law's house, and this evening was no exception. I really enjoyed experiencing and taking photographs of the details my mother in law scrupulously created for this festive evening.

 K: We were lucky enough to have a spring-like day in the middle of February! That's one benefit of South Texas for you. This breezy Anthropologie dress kept me comfortable and cool all night.

K: The happy couple had a blast celebrating their engagement with friends and family! Elizabeth and Kevin are a huge part of our lives and we look forward to many years of laughter, travel, and quality time with them both.

On Katherine: Anthropologie dress, Similar flats, Sugarfix earrings

On Brandon: Nordstrom shirt, AG jeans, Tods


  1. Just thought I would hop on over to your site to leave a comment, as I am right next to you in Corpus Christi! (Nueces Bay) We are enjoying the weather here as well. Enjoyed looking at your pictures! An Engagement fiesta sounds like fun!

    1. Tene', thanks so much! We are actually headed down to the Corpus/Port A area this next weekend! Such a beautiful place :) Thank you for your comment and for stopping by the blog!

  2. It looks like you all had a wonderful time and I love your looks, especially the dresses!
    Wish you wonderful moments!
    Flo from

    1. Thank you so much Florentina! It was a memorable day :) For updates and more of our looks, feel free to subscribe via the sidebar on the left.

  3. Nice inspirations

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