Monday, June 26, 2017

My Favorite New Sandals

K: K: I love a good linen dress, especially this TJ Maxx steal that was $34.99. I've got several in my closet right now and have found that the breathable fabric is airy and perfect for any hot, summer day. We've been having triple digit days already and Brandon and I are counting down until we're in Puerto Rico (only a week and a half now). If you've ever been, we'd love suggestions or recommendations! I know that this dress will have a spot in my suitcase because of its versatility and lightweight fabric. 

K: Nothing says summer more than a breezy dress and a great pair of sandals. I was so excited to discover Mythologia sandals, handmade in Greece. This leopard print was calling my name and I love them because they'll still go with many outfits as we transition into a Texas fall. The quality is pristine and the leather is durable, perfect for walking around, as Brandon and I often do during our weekends. I'm always looking for a sandal that's easy to slip on, comfortable, and chic at the same time. This one checked all of the boxes! Now, I've got my eye on this pair from Mythologia and can't help but think that I'd wear them with everything!

K: Over the weekend, I went to breakfast with my mom at one of San Antonio's trendiest areas: The Pearl Brewery. What was once an old brewery is now a huge culinary destination for our city and the small center is filled with boutique shops, fine dining, and smaller bites as well. We chose to eat at Bakery Lorraine, home to delicious handmade croissants, adorable pastries, and one of my favorite desserts ever: macaroons. Brandon and I are planning on publishing a "San Antonio Guide" for all of you guys if it's something you're interested in! For us, The Pearl would definitely make our list as a must stop spot. 

On Katherine: TJ Maxx dress,  Mythologia sandals c/o, Nordstrom hat (sold out, similar here), Etsy straw bag c/o, World Market earrings (similar style here)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Classic with a Vintage Feel

K: I've always loved anything with a vintage feel to it. I grew up playing in my grandmother's attic, exploring all of my mother's dresses and colorful costume jewelry. When I saw this butter yellow dress, the silhouette felt classic with a vintage flair. I definitely plan on packing it for Puerto Rico (we leave in just two weeks!!) because it was such a breezy little dress and managed to keep me cool for the duration of the day.  Brandon and I had the best morning shooting this look with our friend and photographer Lauren Bosse and we're so thankful that she reached out to us, wanting to capture our style. If you missed Monday's post, be sure to check out the photos here. 

B: Polka dots became widely popular in American fashion in the early 1920's. Albeit, mostly women wore polka dots in its early beginnings but the trend has moved to a universal pattern of preference for men, ranging from Elton John in concert to George Clooney in fashion ads. Wearing polka dots during our photoshoot at this 1918 farm house on the Lyndon B. Johnson ranch was only fitting.

K: I love being "on trend" but I also love being different. There's nothing better than feeling like your outfit is unique, in the best way possible. I felt that way with this dress, simply because the stores seem to be saturated with blue and white stripes, pom poms, off the shoulder pieces, and tassels. I love all of these things just as much as the next girl, but there was something special about this dress when I put it on. Part of our goal with the blog is to allow you to find your "special something", which is why we always want to provide you with an option to shop the look. Let me know which one of these vintage inspired dresses is your favorite! I'm personally dying over this gorgeous SEA midi dress that's on sale. Leave a comment below and have a wonderful Wednesday!

B: I finally gave in and purchased a new pair of Aldo oxfords. Katherine makes fun of me for holding onto a pair of shoes for far too long. My last two pairs were loved for so long that their seams were breaking apart and my brightly colored socks were visible through the holes. Needless to say, it was time to invest. Funny enough, this new pair is actually a dark shade of brown, despite looking black in the photos. Everyone has their preference, but I have always leaned towards neutrals and browns with the idealization that they accent more of my preferred everyday style of clothing than a typical black oxford.

 On Katherine: Daniel Cremieux dress, straw hat, Nine West shoes (sold out in brown, black pair on sale here),

On Brandon: Nordstrom shirt, J. Crew pants, Aldo shoes, Shinola belt

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our Perfect Planter

B: Two weeks ago, Katherine and I set out on a quest for a great looking front porch planter (see our post here). We scoured garden stores of all over town, and assessed planters of every variety, size, and shape, until finally...we found a beautiful planter. The next step - plants! Katherine made the final decision with the planter, therefore the plant variety selection was left to me - at least mostly. We were limited to shade tolerant plant varieties because our front porch receives a mere few hours of sunlight every day. We have shared our plant shopping experience that led to finding and agreeing upon three colorful shade tolerant plants that hopefully our neighborhood deer will not eat in the middle of the night.

K: Who knew two people could have so much fun picking out plants? Brandon and I treated this little nursery like our playground and had so much fun exploring all of the different areas. We've said this time and time again on the blog, but we really do act like children sometimes. I think that's a key to happiness? If we can all hold onto our inner child, the world would be a much happier place. The only downside to this little outing were the mosquitos. I'm not sure what blood type I am, but whatever it is, mosquitos LOVE me. Through the course of our trip, the little guys got me in eight different places. Does anyone have any tips for keeping them away? Help!

K: I've been running around in my pink Adidas nonstop. I've never been much of a tennis shoe kind of girl, but over the past year, my perspective has changed. Now, athletic shoes have slipped into "athleisure", making it easy to pair your sneakers with a cute outfit. I've given a few options in the widget below. Leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite pair! 

This Ralph Lauren striped tee and white shorts from Loft are such a great casual uniform for running around. San Antonio is hot and with temperatures already in the mid-nineties, I can only imagine how much an outfit like this will be on repeat. 

 B: We had a great deal of fun plant shopping together on an early Sunday morning before the temperatures grew too warm. Our experiences together, no matter how large or small, subtle or lavish, always bring joy to our lives and growing relationship with one another. We always have a great deal of fun with each post, and this was no exception.

If you would like to view the finished product of our cute little front porch planter, you can head over to our Instagram (@one_swainky_couple) for a quick picture.

On Katherine: Ralph Lauren tee (almost identical here), Loft shorts, vintage neck scarf, Longchamp bag, Ray Ban sunglasses

On Brandon: Lacoste polo, J. Crew shorts

Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Loving + More About Us

We're mushy. If you've been following us from the beginning, you know this and it shouldn't come as a surprise, seeing as how we are a couple blog. Stop right here if you aren't in the mood for sweet words and a warm heart. 

There's something about summer that brings a little love out of everyone. The warm breeze, the possibility of adventure, and long, lazy weekends with the one you love. This past weekend, that's what we accomplished as we set out for an adventure in Fredericksburg. We've documented the town once before (you can see our post here and here); but this time, we had an amazing photographer to capture every moment. If you're in the hill country area, we cannot recommend Lauren enough.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Transparency To Our Readers...

K: Today's post is a little bit different from our usual. Brandon and I want to make this a true couples blog where you hear from both of us consistently; with that being said, I do run the social media aspect of our blog and am more immersed in that part of it than Brandon. Over our last few months of blogging, I've learned so many new things and have been able to experience an entirely new side to social media and the blogging world. I thought it might be nice to be completely transparent in my opinions, in the hopes of sharing what our true mission is with this blog and what we hope you may gain from reading it. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Have a Weekend Staycation

Your Perfect Staycation:

1. Make a Reservation Someplace New. For our staycation weekend, Brandon suggested that we visit The Guenther House for an early breakfast. We'd never been to the southern style restaurant, located along the San Antonio River. Having something to look forward to, like brunch or dinner at a trendy spot, is a great way to ensure that you're experiencing something new in your city. On this particular morning, it was a perfect temperature so we ate outside and made sure to try the dishes that the restaurant was famous for (like their giant cinnamon roll and homemade biscuits).